Vitamin C + Turmeric + Boswellia

Naturally boosted immune support and energy for divine wellness

Immuno-KernVitamin C + Turmeric + Boswellia


Immuno-Kern’s ingredients work in synergy to deeply strengthen the body’s immune system and to promote long-lasting health and wellbeing.


Vitamin C is highly energizing and an essential nutrient for the proper functioning of our body’s natural defenses. Turmeric and boswellia, both used for centuries in traditional natural treatments, are especially valuable when it comes to bouncing back from sickness or infection.


Supports immune system functions

It reduces tiredness and fatigue

It protects cells from oxidative stress

It supports normal metabolism


The perfect treatment to ensure you shine with wellness, one drop at a time

Enrich your wellness with 5-10 drops a day for at least 20 days.
Immuno-Kern’s drops are soluble and can be added to water, juices or lukewarm teas. It will taste bitter because the formula doesn’t contain any artificial flavors or sweeteners.

The shortest list of ingredients possible:

No preservatives, alcohol or colourants

Suitable for vegans

Not tested on animals

Swiss quality

Enrich your wellness


Create unique drinks by adding Immuno-Kern’s precious drops


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