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The secret to flawless skin, free from acne and blemishes



This potent skincare supplement harnesses the intense natural powers of ginger to clear the skin from acne and impurities starting at the source: the gut. This cleansing action is due to ginger’s effect on gut health since the skin is more likely to produce excess sebum when the digestive system is not working properly.


Ginger is also recommended for bloating and heaviness as well as for reducing nausea. Its effects on gastrointestinal health, combined with its pain and tension relieving proprieties, make it the perfect elixir for women who suffer from menstrual or menopause symptoms as well.


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No added artificial additives

No preservatives, alcohol or colourants

Swiss quality

Award-winning patented formula

The new approach to beauty

Naturally smooth skin thanks to a balanced and happy gut

Add 10 drops of Inner-Kern twice a day to water or other drinks such as smoothies, juices or warm herbal teas.
Taking a daily skincare supplement may just be the most important step in your beauty routine since caring for your skin from within can provide a more complete and lasting effect.

The shortest list of ingredients possible:

With naturally originating ingredients

Not tested on animals

Suitable for vegans

Created by a team of women

Our expert


“Blemished skin is often a sign of poor diet or gastrointestinal problems”


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