Intense Beauty Care -40 Set
Beauty food supplements

A daily set to preserve long-lasting and youthful beauty

Intense Beauty Care -40 Set B-Kern + Glow-Kern


Protecting your beauty from a young age is the most effective way to ensure lasting splendour over time. One of the main causes of premature aging and the appearance of “laughter lines” is oxidative stress which can be caused by many factors such as exposure to UV rays or pollution. For a long term young and radiant appearance, it is important to take antioxidants such as vitamin C which protects our cells from oxidative stress. This precious nutrient also promotes the natural formation of collagen, essential for maintaining tone and firmness. B-Kern completes the action of Glow-Kern thanks to the action of biotin which keeps skin, nails and hair healthy by acting completely on our beauty.

10 ml + 30 ml

No added artificial additives

No preservatives, alcohol or colourants

Swiss quality

Award-winning patented formula

Intensify your beauty routine

Protect hair and skin by nourishing it intensely from inside

Add 6 drops of B-Kern and 20 drops of Glow-Kern each day to water or other drinks such as smoothies, juices or warm herbal teas.
When taken daily, each set should last one month, the minimum time recommended for noticable results.

A unique combination
of two clean and minimal formulas:

With naturally originating ingredients

Not tested on animals

Suitable for vegans

Created by a team of women

Our expert


“The most effective way to safeguard one’s beauty over time is to act from the age of 25 onwards”


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