Intense Beauty Care 40+ Set
Beauty food supplements

A daily duo to deeply nourish and replenish the skin, hair and body

Intense Beauty Care 40+ SetB-Kern + Curcu-Kern


This everyday set was specially crafted by our experts to re-energize and replenish the natural splendour of our beauty, catering specifically to mature skin because after the age of forty it requires particular attention and care.


Turmeric, in Curcu-Kern, is renowned for its antioxidant action, nourishing and protecting cells from oxidation, one of the main causes of the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. The B complex vitamins, in B-Kern, on the other hand, provide an extra-energizing effect by contributing to cell regeneration and revitalization, gifting us a more lively and energetic appearance.

10 ml + 30 ml

No added artificial additives

No preservatives, alcohol or colourants

Swiss quality

Award-winning patented formula

Beauty care that lasts

Re-energize and restore your innate beauty from the inside out

Add 6 drops of B-Kern and 20 drops of Curcu-Kern each day to water or other drinks such as smoothies, juices or warm herbal teas.
When taken daily, each set should last one month, the minimum time recommended for noticable results.

The shortest ingredient lists possible:

With naturally originating ingredients

Not tested on animals

Suitable for vegans

Created by a team of women

Our expert


“A complete and effective combination to replenish skin, hair and nails”


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