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Protect your skin from the inside out for natural radiance and glow

Glow-KernVitamin C

Glow-Kern’s formula is highly concentrated and highly effective, made from vitamin C – the queen of beauty for its long list of benefits for the skin and body.

As a supreme skin protector, its antioxidant proprieties protect the skin from cellular oxidation caused by exposure to harmful UV rays and pollution which damage the skin and contribute to premature signs of aging.

Vitamin C also promotes collagen formation, the protein that supports cell structures, leading to naturally plump and firm skin. Moreover, it reduces tiredness and fatigue, allowing you to glow with energy and vitality as well.


No added artificial additives

No preservatives, alcohol or colourants

Swiss quality

Award-winning patented formula

The new approach to beauty

Protect your skin from the inside out for natural radiance and glow

Add 20 drops of Glow-Kern each day to water or other drinks such as smoothies, juices or warm herbal teas.
Taking vitamin C as a supplement, instead of applying it as a cream or serum, nourishes the skin on a cellular level which has been proven to be even more effective, particularly for sensitive skin types. This is due to vitamin C’s high acidity that can cause irritation when applied topically.

The shortest ingredient list possible:

With naturally originating ingredients

Not tested on animals

Suitable for vegans

Created by a team of women

Our expert

“The benefits of Vitamin C make it a vital nutrient for beautifully glowing skin at any age”


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